Sunday, March 4, 2012

A New Spice Shelf

I love to cook, my husband loves to cook, my daughter loves to cook.  We make most of our meals at home and trade off the cooking duties.  I also have a lot of spices.  I buy them at the Farmer's Market because they are so much cheaper.  They come in large containers, too much to fit in a normal spice jar.  This is one of the containers that held chives:

 I was lucky enough to find some glass jars at a local thrift store:
 I was able to purchase 2 cases for $3.00 per case.  That gave me 24 nice glass jars.  My clever husband measured the space where I wanted to put them, measured the jars and made me this shelf:
 As you can see, I have hand-printed the temporary labels for the jars.  We would like to eventually etch the jars.  I love my new shelves and it really frees up counter space.  The spices are easier to find and they look great in the kitchen.
Thanks for looking.

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